Co.Ta.Pi. was established  in 1972 by a group of taxi drivers with the intent to organize and improve the taxi service in Pisa. One of the fundamental steps was the creation of the radio taxi in 1989, which turned the taxi service modern and efficient.

Since 1993, the automatic radio service has permitted 24 hour radio taxi service. Specialized telephone personnel  have been operating since 1998 and as of 2004, the telephone center has been backed up by satellite technology, enabling us to satisfy with courtesy and precision every single requests.

2010 saw the experimental introduction of several new services. They have been updated with most modern technologies. For example, the CoTaPiWeb, etc.
  • CotapiWeb, an online system to request our taxis, is  dedicated to the hotels in Pisa and in the immediate outskirts.
  • Online reservation: a user-friendly interface to book your taxis in advance through our website.
  • Cost estimated: you can request a cost estimated of a taxi service online so as to plan your journey at ease.
And new services are developing. Because our customers are our priority.